Company Name : Kookje Precision Co., Ltd.
President : Yang, Kyung-Hyun
Established Date : September 1, 1987.
Headquarters & Factory : 1290-1, JungWang-Dong, SiHeung-Si, KyoungKi-Do .
    Tel : (031)497-2981~3 Fax : (031) 497-1490
Main Products : Precision Press Die Product & Press Parts
Other : Certification of Quality ISO 9002/KS A 9002
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ۡ ϸ鼭 PRESS ݻ ߧ ҽ Ư ݻ, RELAY 3 ڦ԰ ݻ ʥ ߧϰ ֽϴ.
, SERVICE ͣ ̱ ̷ ͣ ߰ 𾸦 ߱ ҽ ϰ ߧϱ *ϰ ֽϴ.
1999Ҵ 6ſ ISO 9002/KS A 9002 Ͽϴ.
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We have manufactured and terminals of high quality and high precision. Along with these, we have specialized in automobile electric field, relay electricity and electric parts.
Through the comtinuous technology development, we have exerted possible efforts to improve know-how skill for press mould of an ultra precision and a high quality parts in many ways.
In particular, we have specialized in relay which has characterized the triple compound die products and manufactured high qualty parts at the same time.
The global market trend think much of a high quality and a speedy service lately.
To keep pace withe global market change, we will do our best to improve for high quality products.
In addition, we acquired the certification of quality warranty ISO9002/KSA9002 on June, 1999
Our company will do our best to satisfy for customers and have manufactured a high quality products through the endless technology development. We have made an effort to become a major role in a precision parts for industrial processes coming 21st century.
In closing, I would like to appreciate your sincere encouragement and support and offer worthy advices to us in a near future.
Thank you very much.
Copylight(c) 2001, KOOK JE CO., LTD. Copy all right reserved.
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